Unique Advantages of the Process of Vacuum Pressure Casting Equipment


Unique Advantages of the Process of Vacuum Pressure Casting Equipment

Process of vacuum pressure casting equipment: 

Material pretreatment (Insert coated adhesive or semi-conductive rubber, filled vacuum drying, solid epoxy resin melting vacuum, curing agent vacuum) 

→ Material mixing (Filling and epoxy first. The epoxy resin is vacuumed once and then mixed with the curing agent. 

→ Pre-curing (The castable is solidified in the curing oven, the degree of cure is above 80%) 

→ Release the mold (Maintain the proper temperature to unload the product and quickly load it) One mold) 

→ Post-cure (Product solidification after demolding, increase curing degree, release internal stress) 

→ Post-treatment (Cleaning product gate, mold seam and other defects) 

→ Inspection packaging

Epoxy vacuum casting products have many unique advantages over traditional insulating materials:

1. No air gap or less air gap, the product has excellent electrical insulation performance;

2. Pouring molding has good fluidity, naturally filling the cavity, and the product has good uniformity;

3. Due to good electrical performance, the product can be miniaturized and the host structure is optimized;

4. Products can be made into complex shapes, and molded at one time, the integrity of metal inserts and insulating materials is good;

5. Weather resistance is good, can be applied to indoor and outdoor areas;

6. Products are solid, difficult to burn, safe and convenient to use.

But the process also has shortcomings:

1. There is no reinforcing material in the system, the mechanical properties are poor, and there is a break in the use of the host;

2. A certain stress is generated in the product, and the product has a risk of cracking when the stress is accumulated and released;

3. Appearance quality is prone to various defects.

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